Leaders in monitoring services to geomembranes

With sustainable innovative solutions, we monitor constantly and in real time the state of geomembranes with a system of continuous monitoring of leak detection.

Electronic Leak Detection

We inspect geomembrane HDPE, PVC and bitumen. These inspections for leaks may be in exposed geomembrane (quality inspection), covers (maintenance leach pads, covered by salt, for example) and flooded (PLS indoor pools with liquids, acids).

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Electrical resistivity profile

We can perform an ultrasound to detect underground leaks where there is no insulation geomembrane. For example; breakage of buried pipelines (slurry pipelines, oil pipelines, etc.). Detect and calculate the amount of moisture in piles of stock or leach pads, managing to detect fractured rock zone for underground mining, construction, dams and / or reservoirs, among many other applications resistivity may be useful.

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Organic Recovery System

We have a robust and reliable system recovery plant organic leaching of sulphide and oxide leaching oxide with an efficiency of over 90%.

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Metallurgical Engineering Control

We have experts and multidisciplinary teams to provide innovative solutions to process.

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They are inspected 10,000,000 m2 of exposed geomembrane flooded and dry. More than 10 line kilometers of resistivity profiles inspected. More than 14,000 m³ recovered organic.

Technology Access

Tectramin have access to cutting edge technologies and methodologies from industries worldwide. Our expert understanding of mining production chain to optimize the processes of our customers.

Strategic Partners

Under a seal of innovation, reliability and collaborative spirit, we support our customers in the development and maintenance of their projects.