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We want to be in touch with you. Tectramin is committed to delivering quality service, especially when you require support. Write to our representatives will get in touch with you. Our sales and service specialists can meet all your queries or requirements.

Tectramin Chile

Address 1: Avenida República de Croacia #074, Antofagasta Chile.

Phone: (5655) 2896270  /   (569) 57982418

Address 2: Dario Urzua #1534, Providencia, Santiago.

Phone: (562) 28969530  /   (569) 57982418


Tectramin Argentina

Address: Santa Catalina #551 B Antártida Argentina Palpalá, Provincia de Jujuy, Argentina.

Phone: To Define.


Tectramin Perú

Address 1: Las Codornices #104, Urb. Limatambo – Surquillo, Departamento de Lima, Perú.

Phone:  To Define.