Our commitment is to lead the technology transfer of innovative sustainable solutions to the mining industry. Leadership, innovation, reliability and collaborative spirit are our hallmark.

About us

Tectramin is dedicated to technology transfer, delivering world-class solutions to the mining industry through products and services that improve processes in all areas of the operating cycle.

As a company has access to cutting edge technologies and methodologies from worldwide industries. We are experts on mining production chain, which optimizes the processes of our customers by increasing the processing power and production with a focus on more sustainable project. We work with leading metal and non-metal mining companies in the world, providers of engineering and technology solutions to small businesses within the mining industry as smaller fields and emerging suppliers.

Tectramin seal is leadership, innovation, reliability and the spirit of collaboration, which aims to help customers create a profitable business in the long term.


Our mission is to become the strategic partner of the mining industry in optimization of technological processes, to add value to the entire life cycle of mining production.


We commit ourselves to lead the technology transfer of innovative sustainable solutions to the mining, from other industries around the world through a comprehensive and permanent technological surveillance industry.

Our Clients

Our experience in technological solutions has led us to work and maintain trust with our customers.

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